The expansion of smart phones with touch screens is based on the fact that the mobile gaming industry has become a very lucrative sector for companies, who wish to achieve high growth i n sales in the shortest period of time possible. MobiSource is a mobile game development company that has dominated the games platform with J2ME game development to deliver immersive 3D games based on most mobile OS platforms such as the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian.

J2ME is the first mobile game development platform for the creation of two high-end, yet simple games for all mobile devices. MobiSource has used J2ME experts, to deliver next generation games. With our game development platform, you can successfully market J2ME games based on the growing market for mobile games with ease.

As mobile phones have become the preferred source of personal entertainment, there are new features that are included to make a mobile game popular. Such popularity of mobile gaming has become a lucrative source of revenue for game developers and other professionals in the same business. Research and development companies of the equipment, game publishers and handset manufacturers are continuously developing more sophisticated games so that the mobile game market can be exploited. With the number of players across the mobile world reaching 220 million in 2009, games based on J2ME game developing software applications have attracted organizations of all sizes.

Mobile games can be classified into three categories:

- Embedded Games: These are basic games that are hard coded into the mobile sets by the mobile manufacturing companies. These games are simple in nature and it is free for its users. These quickly become outdated and eventually obsolete. Example: Snake, programmed into all Nokia phones.

- SMS Games: The type of games that are played by sending text messages. While playing this type of games, a SMS is sent to a game server and in return that game server sends back the SMS. It is the most common feature used in live contests and polls. The cost of the game increases with each SMS that is sent to the game server.

- Browser Games: Using the mobile phones' built-in micro browser, users can play these particular games. The game can be played either online of on the offline mode. Users can play these games by using online third party game services. They may also download from the games' website by paying a certain fee. Game developing companies provide a wide range of game facilities such as solo or multiplayer games, network games, offline games or arcade games.

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